Many photographers are driven by something singular in their imagery.  It is the essence of how they see their work.  Eventually it is how others will see their contribution as well.  Jeff's work is defined by the play of light and form.  His goal is to translate those subliminal forms into imagery that is timelessly beautiful.  Instead of catching passing trends, he strives to find forms of aesthetics that is universal across genre and cultural backgrounds.  

Jeff learned photography not as an apprentice or from formal training but rather the journey of self exploration.  In a fraction of the time compared to his colleagues, he became a successful sports photographer following the likes of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France in Europe.   

However, he strove for more perfection in what he was creating.  To this end, his creative process parallels sculpture more than two dimensional imagery.  Jeff's work appears in Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.  His advertising clients include Pantene, Neutrogena, Dior, Covergirl, and Vichy Cosmetics among others.